My 1984 V65 1100 Honda Sabre with 106383 miles.

I bought my Big Gurrl end of December 2009 for 600.00. She did NOT look like this when I bought her, salvaged title and all. She's painted Dodge Plum Crazy, with four coats of gold pearl. She's got a new seat, new foot pegs, new turn signal stems, new clutch handle, and since this pic was taken, a new windshield. I'm 48 and she's the first bike I've ever owned. I was cautioned against getting a "hot rod" for my first bike, but she's big, and I'm big (6'3" 260 lbs), so it's been a match made in heaven. My friends are trying to talk me into getting a Harley, but I absolutely love the height I get from this bike and the power she has to move my big lug!