My daily ride and drag racing bike :)

I ride and race a 2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R. I love my motorcycle and motorcycling so much I opened Go Moto, an all women's motorcycle shop. For all those women out there considering getting their own bike...just do it! Motorcycling is wonderful. The best way to leave behind a stressful day is to jump on the bike and ride. I also enjoy the fact that my motorcycle gets better gas mileage than my truck and I can cut my commute down by lane splitting (I love California!)

My favorite part about riding a motorcycle is the motorcycle wave. I wave to everyone on 2 wheels.

Ride safe everyone!
Sacramento, CA


Go Moto Go

I don't ride to work that often, because I only live aobut 2 miles for work. But try to keep me off the roads weekends and rides out of the city. I just wanted to say, keep up the good work. I Love to give a ride to a female, if she wants to go. But there is nothing hotter then a woman on her own bike(sportsbike). That gets my engine running. I was born in Cali. but now on the east coast burning up the streets. Nice picture, nice burn.

95' CBR1000F
Washington, DC
Keep the rubber side down

love the pic...but.

the comment...But there is nothing hotter then a woman on her own bike(sportsbike). Come on.... there are crazy hot woman on cruisers tooooo (like me lol)...have a grrreat ride!!!

Great Bike and love the lady riders!!

Keep the burnouts on the track PLEASE!!!

more states should allow

more states should allow lane splitting! or make it legal, more people would probably ride!