My Little Daily Driver - 60,000 miles and building

I'm forced to ride one of the nicest mountain roads in Colorado to work and back every day ;).

I have three bikes at present but my daily driver (and favorite weapon of choice) is my 2003 BMW R1150GS Adventure rain or shine and sometimes snow. The only time it does not go to work is when there is standing snow and/or ice on the ground.

After 60,000 miles together, I still love this bike and I'm looking forward to the next 60,000.


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Wow this bike here is an

Wow this bike here is an epic , strong and one of the most reliable bike in the market . This BMW bike is best used for off trails , I had fun with it for 6 months straight , traveling half the country all alone in this ride . I actually feel amazed now when I recall the moment traveling across the country on a bike and without any kind of life or renters insurance . In the whole 6 months tour I had really no problems rather than some minor problems on the way , other than that the whole tour was smooth and as easy as a pie on a bike like this .