My 'new' 2002 Commuter Bike

I just bought this 3 weeks ago. 2002 Wing is an upgrade from the 1994 Wing for my 85 mile per day (round-trip) commute. I ride everyday, unless there is ice and snow on the roads.



The surrounding area looks like beautiful riding country.

A lot of bike for a 85 mile commute!?!

Nice Wing!! I gave up a GL1500 for a ZG1000 Concours for a 50 mile per day commute. Better gas milage and lower maintainance costs. I do miss the tape player and radio though on the Wing...

When I grow up I want a bike

When I grow up I want a bike just like that!


Southern Utah rides

The area in the background is the St. George area of Utah, South West Utah. Zions Canyon is within 20 miles of where this photo was taken. Some great areas to ride are all over Utah. Northern Utah has some great mountains to ride through. And the bike handles great! I enjoy riding this more than the 1500! And I put over 72,500 miles on the 1500 in less than 6 years.
I have added my Sirius Satellite radio to the bike, and it sounds great for the commute and for the long rides. Previous owner added an 8" sub-woofer and a 360 Watt Amp in the trunk. And my wife gets a back massage when we ride!

Stereo Upgrade?

Can you post details on the audio upgrade? What amp was used and the mounting information for speaker, etc? I ride an '03 Wing and have been looking for an upgrade... especially since the new wings have upgraded audio... Not quite ready to give up my current ride... I finally got it like I like it (accessories, etc)


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Stereo upgrade

The previous owner added an Alpine 360 Watt Amp and an 8 inch 'Kicker' sub-woofer on the bike. The amp sits on top of the stock 6-disc CD changer, and the speaker is in a hole that was cut into the back passenger seat pad. I wasn't sure I was going to like it. He had a small pillow to cover the hole made, and it actually looks OK. The sub-woofer outer bracket helps hold the seat pad on the bike. He did all the wiring and it looks like he did a good job with one exception: There is less room in the trunk, and it gets hot in there. He was going to add vents, but didn't. I may do that later.

It has great sound.

I've added a Sirius Satellite radio (Stiletto 100) to the left side handlebar. I am using the FM adapter that plugs into the radio antenna plug and I run it through a radio station. I could Have used the aux input for this.

Let me know if you are looking for more specific information.


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