My Two Rides

I have the two bikes. The 1999 HD E'Glide and 2005 HD Screaming Eagle V-Rod. I live in Pennsylvania and like to ride daily, year round to work, church, groceries, etc. I have a nice SUV, but prefer to only use it when I have a group I'm transporting, when hauling the boat, or when it is forecast to have ice or snow. I have ridden when it was only 12 degrees F, but most relish fall days in the low 70s. Since I prefer to not head out in the rain, I normally ride around 200 days per year and 5000 miles plus major trip mileage. I got my "Iron Butt" certifications in 2006 for two Saddlesore 1000s and one Bun Burner 1500. In 2007, I rode (gently) 4 weeks and 2 days after quadruple-bypass, open-heart surgery, I missed the riding.

I have bought grass seed & fertilizer, or a cart full of groceries when I have the dresser. The V-Rod is a little harder to attach awkward loads on, so I limit purchases that are large when I'm out on that bike.