My Yamaha Nouvo Hybrid AT

This is a Yamaha Nouvo Hybrid AT. It's Automatic. 4-Stroke 115cc Underbone bike. I like it because its twist n' go. I ride it to work everyday and I take for rides in the country-side with my NOS (Nouvo Owners Society) buddies at least once a month. Proud to be a rider.


That's what I'm talking about!

Even scooters are cool!

with skyrocketing gas prices...

Imagine the amount of savings I get by using my Yamaha Nouvo Hybrid AT instead of using my car or commuting to work... Anywhere between 35km/l - 42km/L and with a 4.9L gas tank capacity, that's pretty good. In the Philippines (as of posting) a liter of Shell VPower costs Php 61.35/L (not including the increase they applied last night, I haven't gone to the pumps so I haven't checked how much).

I'm glad I ride to work everyday.

jerg (not verified)
The best ride in the city

Motorcycles are cool in congested streets and roads of metro manila but if you get to drive a yamaha nouvo it's a different thing. You will be able to dominate the roads and the undisciplined drivers of PUV because of it's power and high performance engine. I'm looking forward having the latest model of this bike to give my old one a brother.