(Nearly) daily '07 ST1300ABS - not pictured

OK, so I don't have a recent photo! Just sold my 2004 Honda ST1300 in my third three-way deal for an ST. No, not that kind of three-way...

Found a buyer in northern Oklahoma interested in my 2004. He agreed to meet me at a dealer in Stillwater, bouhgt mine, loaded it up and I bought a new 2007 ABS model.

I ride 2-3 days a week, cutting my gas bill nearly in half so far. Getting 42-47MPG is much better than ym average 19 in the SUV. And a bonus is using the HOV lanes on LBJ (I 635) freeway in and around Dallas.


Rene Boscioll (not verified)
Ride To Work

I am the proud owner of a 2003 Honda ST1300 ABS. Since I bought it March 2003 I sold my 325i BMW Convertible and have been riding to work every day. Not only riding it to work but I also visit my clients all over the island of Puerto Rico and visit the insurance companies on the metropolitan area. I live in the northwestern part of the island.

When it rains I put on my rain suite, raise my windshield and continue my way to wherever I'm going.

At 61 I am really having fun riding to work everyday.

Daddyo (not verified)
Texans rule

Nice ride but that isn't the Texas mountain range behind you.