Ninja 250 2004 Bruce Layton CT

Ninja 250’s are a blast to ride. Handle great. Quick enough to maneuver through traffic and avoid problems with other vehicles. No problem doing 65 mph on the highway. My commute is only 7 mi. 15-20 min ride. I ride from 90’F summer to 20’F winter days. Non Ninja 250 riders just don’t get it. My buddies keep asking me when I’m getting a bigger bike. No plans to upgrade. 50+ mpg locally, on longer rides have gotten 70 mpg!!! Mods: double bubble windscreen, genmar bar risers, Dunlop 501’s, aftershock fork mods, K&N filter, hippo hands (winter). Great commuter motorcycle for short or back road commutes. After being a family man for 20 years I have just gotten back into riding. Still married. Had it 2 years 5K mi. and no plans to upgrade to a bigger bike. Only time I thought about getting a bigger motorcycle was after a recent 350 mi ride up into Vermont were the bike felt cramped for my 5’8” 30” inseam body on this long ride and I wished for more room and wind blast on highway was annoying, looking into a bigger windscreen. Maybe a modified seat too. BUT for shorter trips and commuting its great! That’s what it does best. So light and easy to handle on the fly or around the garage. Easy to do maintenance on it to. That’s what keeps from getting a bigger bike.


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