Hi !, this is my Ride To Work, it's a piaggio mp3 modified to have wheater protection and still working on it but i wasn't able to resist the celebration of RIDE TO WORK day.


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Cool little scoot. C'sar

Cool little scoot.


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Wow, I love that. That is

Wow, I love that. That is the scooter of my dreams. Who does the modifications? How costly are they? Thanks very much.

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Thanks both of you for your comments !

Thank you very much !

I've been working on it for a while the "ICECSA" company made this modificacions, it's a prototype so right now we don't have a final price, we are from Mexico City, but thank you very much for your comment, soon we are going to create a web page to give more information.

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Thanks for getting back. I

Thanks for getting back. I will stay tuned for the Web page. I am thinking of trading in my current scooter for an MP3------not sure whether to go with the 250 or bigger. I live in the NE and I would like to commute on something as stable as possible in less than ideal weather. I think your modifications are brilliant. I think you're definitely on the right track in terms of the future. Thanks again.

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Make it as productions ASAP...

That's a very nice setup and creative idea.
I can't wait to get one.
Please make it into production already so more people in city can ride and reduce congestion on street.

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I saw this setup out at the

I saw this setup out at the mall several years ago and i didn't have a camera-phone at the time! I was quite impressed! This would get a whole other set of riders out on the streets, especially with the full "bubble" to stay dry during wet weather. My female co-worker would LOVE to have one!