Ridden all day every day

Purchased new in April 2004, my 2003 Yamaha FZ1 has seen plenty of seat time so far. Turned 30,000 miles recently and counting almost daily...I had to take a year and some change off to raise/train a pup I got so I lost out on most of a season and then some.
Did a complete teardown to frame and engine over the winter of '06-'07. Rebuilt everything and put it back together. Did some general servicing to various components, some suspension tweaking and some minor power upgrades and put it all back together.
I doubt I'll be needing another bike for a good long time seeing how I have turned numerous 500-600 mile days on this thing and I'm around to talk about it.
The pic you see is missing the tail bag and extended tank bag I use for those multiple-day excursions to Who-knows-where, USA.