Suzuki GS750 1978

Atlanta traffic is mixed high speed freeways and surface streets with lots of unsynchronized traffic lights. On all types of roads, the speeds are either stopped, slower than 1st gear, or speed limit++. My bike was CHEAP! $600. It required some minor work, carb rebuild, dip and line the tank, inline fuel filter, petcock rebuild, and replacing the points and condenser w/ solid state unit. Although it is heavy compared to newer bikes, it handles very lightly. Fuel usage hovers around 40-45MPG. The seat gets uncomfortable after a while. My commute is about 30 miles in cross town traffic. The freeways are very dangerous for bikers here. Speed limits and driving etiquette problems combined with unenforcable speed limits and high volumes of trucks and large, top heavy autos, along with roads too small to handle the traffic make Atlanta a dangerous place. Most drivers here are competent and responsible. I have noticed that the most dangerous vehicles seem to be either really ragged or really expensive cars, and cell phones in use are usually part of the situation when a driver does something squirrelly. Police presence is unnoticable except during a shift change close to the station, or at an accident. There are just too many vehicles on the road. The most frequent traffic accident is a low speed rear end collision. There are yet to be a significant number of motorcycle commuters. Most are either students or v-twin riders on Friday. Many riders here do not wear proper clothing, riding in t-shirts, no gloves, jacket, or boots. Helmets are required. The Atlanta area is not a motorcycle town, although there are lots of motorcycles here, and they seem to be more expensive than in other places. Tim Wilson


That is a great looking

That is a great looking bike!! I have a 1979 in chopper style.


that is one badass bike!
thanks for sharing the photo and the story.


Your bike looks awesome!

Were you able to eliminate the battery, or do you have one tucked up under the tail? If you eliminated the battery, did you have to change out the stator with a perminent magnet type?

One thing about motorcycles

One thing about motorcycles and Atlanta is the brilliant roads up in the mountains an hour north. Commuting on a bike is a means to an end, the pleasure is the riding of a bike under those conditions and staying out of trouble, and the reward is the ability to ride as God intended up in the hills :-)
Lovely job on the bike.