To Hell & Back

My 2008 Yamaha Majesty and I have been to Hell (Michigan) and back (from Iowa) -- and I have the photos and t-shirts to prove it. My Majesty is my only vehicle and I ride it every day of the year, rain or shine, hot or cold, unless the roads are icy.

And for anyone who thinks scooters are for beginners or wimps, I used to own a BMW K100RS and my 400cc Majesty tops 90mph -- and I can carry a week's worth of groceries (or two full-faced helmets with room to spare) in the underseat storage.


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I'm considering buying a

I'm considering buying a scooter. I've never ridden a motorbike but I hope I'll be fine. I'm considering this very version: and your story convinced me to buy it. I hope it will be as endurable as yours.

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