Tony's 2001 Moto Guzzi Jackal

I've been riding to work for a few years now...I always look forward to my commute on those days!


Jimj K (not verified)
Tojny, I have a red 01 guzzi

Tojny, I have a red 01 guzzi jackel and I love it I ride it as much as I can..I belong to the S Fla. riders club & go on lots of rides on Sat. &b Sun. Good luck with itv mine is a great bike & NO problems, just maint... Keep your wheels DOWN Tony Jim K.

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Thanks Jim, I do love the

Thanks Jim, I do love the you said it's easy to keep going...and everyone always asks about it...not too many Guzzi's out there. Ride safe!

Aformercoworker (not verified)
Too cool for skool!

Nice of you to play hooky from work and then post pictures of the trip on the Internet!

Nice pics Tony, it looks like you are having a blast with the bike. As usual, I am totally jealous! Stuart

Tony (not verified)
I took a legitimate vacation

I took a legitimate vacation day...

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"We have had the "tobacco

"We have had the "tobacco fight" in our Supreme Court of Canada: the government lost. Soon we will have the "gun fight": and, my bet, is that government will lose again.
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