Triumph Bonneville America DC commuter

My Triumph Bonneville America and I have a relatively short 16 mile commute. It begins at 0530 entering the I95 HOV north entrance in Springfield, VA, south of DC. At that time of the morning the HOV lanes are open to everyone.
The traffic is usually fast for the area (around 70-80) and the northbound run doesn’t take long.
As I come into Arlington, I-95 (now I-395) takes a fast right sweeper past the recently finished Air Force Memorial and the Pentagon, both on the left. Entering the 14th Street bridge a look just to the left at 10 and there is the Lincoln Memorial. Crossing the bridge the Washington Monument is at 11, and the Jefferson Memorial is just at the end of the bridge at 12. In the late spring the rising sun silhouettes the Capitol dome, what a sight!
A quick right turn onto Independence Ave and a couple of blocks down I turn into parking under the building (6 bucks a month for motorcycles, covered secured parking in downtown DC… can’t beat it). All in all a nice way to start the day.
At1530 and the route is reversed. Traffic on the HOV is limited starting at 1530.
I always smile when I see the sign that says “HOV 3 and Motorcycles” . Thank you AMA. The run south is fast and doesn’t take long. A great way to end the day. I commute in any weather except ice and snow.

This America has also taken me on several IBA rides, it’s a great machine!