TW200 Commuter Bike

This TW200 is my daily commuter. My commute is only 10 miles per day, so at 78 mpg average I use less than a gallon of gas per week. It gets me anywhere within about 30 miles from home. For anything longer the Concours gets called to duty.


Sweet TW

I've been thinking of adding one of these to the stable for my 16 mile round trip commute. What a great photo!

that's a real commuter!

What's this I hear about a "riding season"??? The season is the whole calendar, right? : ) Ya just gotta dress for it.

~ A BMW 'rounder in Wisconsin

I Second that!!! "..that's a real commuter!"

This is one of the best pictures on this site. I love the fact you are actually riding in the snow. I know it must be a rush slipping and sliding and with everyone looking no less. Totally awesome picture. I nominate you sir for the first annual "True commuter" award!