Upgraded my everyday ride

I ride 25 miles to work and probably twice that on the way home sometimes. I'm good down to about 35degrees providing its dry. For the past couple years I've ridden my 1984 Honda CB700SC Nighthawk S. This year I have sold the nighthawk and purchased my '04 Kawasaki ZRX 1200R. Its nearly brand new with under 3000 miles. We have several everyday riders where I work. We love it! It's that little bit of motivation that makes us go sometimes!!



I'll bet your Brother (whom you failed to mention)has an even cooler bike...like a....2005 Yamaha FZ6!


OH YEAH! My brother has a 2005 FZ6 thats pretty cool....I guess!--;o)

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Motivation through commuting

it is very seldom that the way of commuting gives you additional motivation. But it is really cool. I was surprised to find one more commuter who was inspired by his rides to work (here is the video: http://www.tubesfan.com/watch/commuting ). I guess it works for you too!