This picture was taken at the back dock at our work in St. Charles MO, during the warmer months this is usually the scene. For the majority of us, the rule of thumb is if the temperature is 45 degrees or warmer we ride! The parking lot does not have any shady areas so the extended dock provides relief from the afternoon sun. Pictured left to right: Yamaha R6, Honda Goldwing, Honda Valkyrie, Honda Valkyrie, and Harley-Davidson Sportster. Rick Patton


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my coworkers and employer also ride to and from work,no more parking pigs at work, we live in oregon so riding here is very sceanic. and rear round for some. i just got myself a 2007 yamaha tw200. love it! only problem is i only live 1.3 miles from work, so i take the long way! 23miles!

Ride together, work together!!

A lot of my fellow workers ride to work also, although not as often as me!! Even 2 of my bosses!