Who needs a "hybrid"?

2007 Yamaha FJR1300a, here in California with year round riding weather, it's my daily commute to work and back. It replaced my much less comfortable 1992 Kawasaki ZX-6 three months ago. The big 1300 motor is great for dealing with thick traffic, still gets me a measured 35+mpg city (over 40 highway riding at over 90 mph sustained)-hybrid mileage numbers with Porsche-killing performance(also tested-this is Silicon Valley Dot Com area after all!). Two wheel linked ABS protects against San Jose's worst drivers.


Nice FJR

I remember commuting in San Jose. I used to commute 101, 87, 280, and 880 choosing a different route depending on traffic and my mood. I think one of the scariest sections is the afternoon commute on southbound 101 between Story and Capitol. Riding along in the carpool lane you just never knew when someone would jump in with no signals whatsoever. Actually that was pretty bad from the 880 juntion down to Capitol. :-)

Ride safe!

Husky in NC

FJR in Illinois

I too have an 07 FJR. I love it. My commute is quite a bit less frenzied than yours, I'm pretty sure. I use about 5 different routes to work with sub variations that give me about 20 different ways to get there, all under half an hour to cover abaout 15 miles. Rural IL means I see any where from 0 vehicles early morning on the week ends to maybe 20 on a busy day during the week. The biggest threat I face is one of the hundreds of deer that can cross my road at any time, any place mostly after dark. I am considering taking up hunting.

Dave Rio IL

the 07 still commuting strong

My FJR just turned a year old last month, and is still my primary commuter:) all but 15 days in the last year were commuted on this bike.

Additions to the bike-the factory color-matched trunk, alarm system, Garmin Zumo 550 GPS, no-drill frams sliders, Superbrace, heavier bar ends (to kill the buzziness).

Other than that, she still looks the same as in this pic..though there were two more parking-lot tipovers that added a nasty looking scratch to one of the saddlebags.

I *still* haven't gotten my electronic cruise control installed yet.:(