Winter Commuter

This is my Winter commuter, it doesn't get above freezing for sometimes 3 months at a time up here in the Colorado mountains so I have to use the sidecar for my daily driver in the Winter.


Now there a real ide to work person!

My hat is off to you if you ride everyday in that weather!!


How about tire chains and/or studded tires? Or spikes(on ice)? ;]

I live in Idaho and I've not seen many bikes with or without sidecars in the Winter; used to know a guy who'd been in the German Army in Russia("Eastern Front"); he rode NSU's and BMW's. In the Winter they'd build fires under their bikes....

now thats hardcore! I

now thats hardcore! I thought i was cool riding to work at 28 deg. a couple of fridays ago! Oh and it did get to 60 in the afternoon, thats the great part about being in atl,ga. cool bike!

Dana (not verified)
Winter Ride

Yep, I ride this one everyday to work in the Winter, I have ridden one of the motorcycles to work everyday for the past 2 years.

This is a 2 wheel drive Ural but I only need the 2 wheel drive to get up and down my driveway, you can't use the 2 wheel drive on the road as it is a posi rear drive and it will not turn if it is locked in. I do run big knobbies on the back 2 wheels in the Winter. I have about an eighth of a mile driveway that doesn't get plowed until the neighbor above me decides she needs it plowed.