Yamaha Seca II '92

other bikes: Honda '99 CBR F4, mostly for weekend rides. Some days for commute. owner's life: I am the owner. 45 year old female. Los Angeles, CA. bike info: The Yami is great for town. Comfortable standard position. Cold blooded, a bit annoying. The CBR is great for freeway commute, not good for town, it runs a bit hot. I use it in the winter here. owner mods: None to either. costs: The Yami is very economical. Easy maintenance and oil change (20 mn)!The Honda is a blast. personal info: I am from France originally (came to the US 23 years ago). I am a senior scientist in an optical micro-sensor development company (startup). Dominique Fourguette


joe (not verified)

Haha thats awesome Ride on!