By Beemer Dan (On the Malcontent Yuppie Bikers webzine, August 30, 2000)


As you all know I was run over by a big f--kin truck. The Cop that arrived at the scene of my accident gave the driver at fault, a careless redneck moron in one of the biggest trucks made and then jacked up 3 feet higher than the law allows, a ticket for running a red light. She didn't ticket him for having an illegally modified vehicle or for reckless driving, reckless endangerment or in any way endangering the life of anyone. It was like he never even ran me over, like I wasn't even there. Some of the nurses and doctors and other people seem to think that it's my fault that I was run over by a worthless jackass in a big truck not paying attention. It was my fault because I was on a "dangerous motorcycle".

So the f--koff plea bargained his "running a red light" ticket down to a "defective vehicle"- 2 points and $150 in fines and court costs. This for running me over, destroying my bike, breaking my leg in four places, breaking my hip, giving me a closed head injury, 18 days in the hospital, over 3 months without walking, constant nightmares, making every day filled with pain and agony. I had a speeding ticket once with a worse penalty than that! According to "the man", it's worse for me to speed on my motorcycle and not hurt anybody or anything, than for some f--khead to buy one of the biggest damn trucks possible, run a red light and almost kill me. I was lying in the middle of the street screaming, with a broken leg, dislocated from a broken hip, bleeding from the head. My bike was trapped underneath the f--kers truck. Five witnesses said that it was the f--king truck driver's fault; he ran a red light and hit me. The cop gave him a ticket for running a red light, but nothing for taking away my damn life as I knew it.

In court the sh-t gets worse: the district attorney promised me, my girlfriend and my lawyer that she would up the charges of the bastard that hit me, then never even showed for the trial. The judge seemed to think I was asking for what I got because I was riding a motorcycle. The truck driver said that his light must have been green, otherwise he would have hit more people. The judge encouraged him several times and finally convinced him to take the aforementioned plea bargain.

So any stupid f--k can run red lights in a big goddamn truck and run over people if they got $150 to spare, that's f--king great! If someone did this damage to me with a baseball bat they would go to jail for attempted manslaughter, but as long as you use a truck and say you didn't mean to do it, well that makes it f--king ok!

Now I find out that the truck driver's lawyer and insurance company can subpoena all of my medical records, including those from my psychologist. Why, so they can laugh about what a great job they did f--king up my life?

All of these f--k off morons in main stream society wonder how motorcyclists can become psychotic freaks not fit for public exposure. How they can become merciless angry lunatics that could care less who they hurt.

F--k it, all respect I had for our police and our justice system has just gone down the damn toilet. All assholes with trucks/minivans/SUVs should prove their value as fertilizer. So that's my rant, I'm gonna go take some f--kin pain killers.

Rev. Jon's side note: If Christopher Reeve had been paralyzed in a motorcycle crash instead of a horseback riding accident, right now everybody would be talking about what an idiot he is & how he deserved what he got, instead of calling him a hero for his courage in the face of adversity. Ride carefully out there folks, because if you get waffled, you can expect no help or sympathy from the medical system, the legal system or anyone else. Be forewarned: it's a cager's world and it ain't pretty.