Best Laid Plans…

Well folks, I have to keep this one short. I have a sick wife to look after.

Amy called me at work, about 2:30 this afternoon, crying. Her head hurt so bad, she couldn’t drive herself to the clinic. I had planned to take the Baron in for a checkup tonight, and a meeting with the Baron staff to determine where our R&D efforts were going after this project. Nope. As soon as I heard the pain in her voice, I had a new mission. Definitely time for some controlled aggression.

My ride home was both the quickest, and the longest I have ever had on the Baron. Even with my heightened sense of urgency, I realized that it wouldn’t be safe to take the freeway. We were going to take a close look at the drive belt and variator tonight. They were OK at normal 30-45 mph speeds on sidestreets, but a flat-out run on the highway could result in a broken belt. I just couldn’t chance it.

So I rode the sidestreets, at the highest speed I could get away with, and we made it home in about 55 minutes. I passed cars where I normally wouldn’t have, and rode around corners dragging my foot on dry pavement, just in case we hit sand or a rogue ice patch.

The fear I was feeling was something new. In the fifteen years I have known her, Amy has never been seriously ill. The thought of losing her because I couldn’t ride fast enough was unbearable. So I pushed the limits beyond reason, and was lucky to get home in one piece.

We are home from the clinic now, and Amy is resting. The doc thinks it is a particularly vicious sinus infection, but doesn’t know for sure. If she’s not feeling much better in the morning, I may stay home with her. She’s done that for me, more than once.

Good night, folks.

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  1. Dan Says:

    Best wishes for your wife’s speedy recovery.. I have been in your shoes more than once. Dan

  2. Chewy Says:

    Priorities, my son. You did well.

    I, too, long for spring. Last year was a loss, with knee surgery (January), a stroke (mild, in May), and a kidney removed in August (cancer, got it all).

    I need to ride.

    My prayers for Amy.

  3. Jeff Says:


    I’ve come to read your blog after an evening of prayer. So, I’ll add Amy to my prayers. Heavenly Father, please bring healing to Amy, take away her headache and restore the peace and joy to her life.

    God bless you and keep you safe.

  4. Tiff Says:

    Gary, Just a quick note wishing you both all the best, and your lady a speedy recovery. I know she may not appreciate well-wishes from hairy-arsed bikers, but “GWS, mate” nonetheless.

    P.S. If you want a laugh, keep an eye on bbc news over the next couple of days - we have “up to six inches” of snow forecast, so the whole country is likely to grind to a halt. The media are already talking about ‘arctic conditions’… I, meanwhile, shall be sailing to Dublin. I’ll raise a pint of the black stuff for you.

  5. Mad Says:

    Seems to be the season for it, Irondad’s poorly and I’m not feeling to great today.
    My best wishes for your lady, I hope she gets better really quickly.

  6. Steve Williams Says:

    I’ll pray that Amy makes a speedy recovery and some serenity returns.

    Best wishes,


  7. Dave Eakin Says:

    Sorry to hear of your Wife’s illness. My own is still getting over a sinus infection - and it has been several weeks (including one with anti-biotics). Also good to see so many on this blog praying.

  8. irondad Says:

    good thoughts, best wishes, and prayers beamed you way.

    Get Amy well, bro.

  9. Seagullplayer Says:

    Sometimes God reminds us what’s really first.
    I pray for your wife’s speedy recovery.

    Rubber Down.

  10. jim Says:

    so sorry to hear that

  11. mnscooter Says:

    For once, words fail me. But I’ll give it a try…

    I’ve often said that the responses I get to this blog make the whole exercise worthwhile. It’s quite humbling to discover that so many really good people read my scribbling. I realize that it comes off as self-indulgent at times, though I do try to avoid it. But I am, after all, only human.

    Yesterday jolted me back into focus on my REAL priorities, what really matters in my life. Nothing is more precious than family.

    Wow… all these prayers. I don’t recall people being so religious when I was growing up during the 60’s and 70’s. Things have changed. Thank you all who took a moment to do that. I’m uncomfortable with discussing my own beliefs in this forum, but rest assured that your blessings are appreciated.

    Irondad, get well soon. Amy sent me to work this morning with the admonishment that she wouldn’t see me use up a day off being a sofa spud while she slept. She knows I am only a phone call and an hour away by scooter if she needs me. Sometimes I think she is tougher than I am.

    I’ll do another blog entry tonight, though it may be short. I have some other photos to post as well. Thanks again, everyone, for all this support. It means more than you know…

    Ride well,

  12. Dick Aal Says:

    Women are stronger than we are. when I am sick I am a real baby. My wife helps me through all of them. I feel it an honor and privilege to help her when she is sick. All the best to your wife hope she gets well real soon.

  13. bro shagg Says:


    Hope Amy recovers soon!

    A bit of advice if I may- if she needs you to come home unexpectedly again, don’t forget the caution and attention needed when riding this time of year. Even if it takes you 10 or 15 minutes longer, I’m sure she’d rather have you home alive than spread out across a road somewhere.

    Good health to you both, and your daughters, too!

    -Bro Shagg

  14. SaltyDog Says:


    It’s good to know your wife is feeling better.

    Mine has called me more than once the same way, but I’ve got some comfort in the fact that my in-laws live with us, and so she’s always got some family around. But that doesn’t lessen the worry while you’re rushing home.

    I’m a fellow sinus sufferer, and used to every winter lose my voice for a month from side effects. Now I make sure there’s always a vaporizer running, and have a gadget to hose out my sinuses when needed.

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