22 March, 2006 Weather: Sunny again, snow melting, Spring is in the air.

I slept in this morning. After the last couple of days, I really needed to catch up on my sleep. By the time the Baron and I hit the road, the sun was up over the horizon, and we cast a long shadow on the road heading west. I thought about stopping to take a photo, and I really should have, but traffic was building behind us as the rush hour got into full-swing. It just wasn’t safe to stop for a random photograph.

But this gave me an idea for a future, western-themed blog entry, maybe titled “Cast a Long Shadow”. I’ll have to go through some of my old Louis L’amour novels for inspiration.

Our ride to work was fraught with heavy traffic. It is amazing how much difference a half-hour makes. We found ourselves trapped between SUVs and mini-vans most of the way to work. There was no flow, no fluid transition from corner to corner. We were constantly balked by distracted drivers, nattering into their Nokias and braking just for the hell of it, blocking our view of the road ahead.

I don’t put up with this when I am riding Frogwing. I’ll hop the curb and pass the bastards on the grass if I have to. But on the Baron, I don’t have the same options. So I took a deep breath and went to my Zen place for awhile.

We arrived at work, and I punched the clock, and settled in for an eon of Existential Gravity. Time crawled, and my free spirit howled in agony. Why? Because the sun was shining, and it was 42°F outside! (5°C)

Normally, I would plead Spring Fever, or Temporary Insanity, and take the rest of the day off to ride somewhere, anywhere, on two-lane roads far away from the `Cities.

But I have used up too much of my time bank this Winter, dealing with various routine disasters and crises. I had no choice but to serve my sentence behind windows which showed a sunny paradise just outside of my grasp. After several relative centuries passed, I finally dragged my withered carcass to the time-clock and punched-out for the day.

It took all my remaining strength to ride the Baron over ice-free roads all the way home. I’m tired, dear friends. I’m going to bed now. Tomorrow will be a better day.

6 Responses to “Insomnia”

  1. Seagullplayer Says:

    Sleep well.

    Rubber Down.

  2. Bob Says:


    Your “Zen place” musings remind me of when my transportation was a 1984 VW Rabbit diesel (Ol’ Blue) with about 250k on the clock. Non-turbo, I’d guess about 1.5 litres displacement. Wingtips to the floorboard, top gear, if you’re on the freeway you’d better be in that right lane or have both eyes on the rearview mirror and be ready to GET OUT OF THE WAY NOW. I actually passed someone once, but she was busy reading a book (seriously). I would have honked to show my irritation at her slothful driving habits, but didn’t want to spoil the moment for Blue.

    When you realize you can’t change what you can’t change, you can achieve a certain level of peace by accepting that. Or maybe you just divert your frustrations elsewhere.


  3. mnscooter Says:

    Thanks Mark.

    Hey Bob, you’re right. But I really have to concentrate to make the Zen thing work. I seem to be spring-loaded to the controlled aggro setting most of the time. I don’t like crowds, and traffic is just another form of crowd.

    Maybe I’m selectively claustrophobic, who knows? But I get really uneasy when I can’t see the road ahead because someone thinks they need to drive a freaking tank just to haul their ass around.

    I can’t wait to have passing power under my right hand again. C’mon Spring!

    Ride well,

    P.S. I’m gonna take tonight off from the blog. I’ve been neglecting other things, and they are beginning to pile up. I’ll do a gonzo entry on Friday night to make up for it.

  4. jim Says:

    You should have heard me at work yesterday. I was on my soapbox telling everybody that would listen the virtues of riding a bike or scooter to work.
    One co-worker is getting a bike because of cost of gas. More of them are seriously considering it.

  5. Steve Williams Says:

    An “eon of Existential Gravity”. How well I know that place. Something in the way we live, what we are expected to do can short circuit our peace. It’s the difference between life with Ebenezer Scrooge at “Scrooge and Marley” and life at old Fezziwig’s. I don’t think I have fun very often at work anymore. It is a weight that goes deep most of the time. And while riding is an antidote it is also makes work unbearable at times when I want to be out in the world.

    Riding in heavy traffic is just bad on so many levels. I smiled at the idea of jumping curbs or filtering ahead. I don’t do anything that might piss people off around here. It is a small town and they’ll see me again….

    Rest well, and ride err, good.


  6. mnscooter Says:

    Good work on spreading the gospel, reverend jim! ;^) I have had the same effect on coworkers in the past. That’s fun, isn’t it?

    Steve said:
    >I don’t do anything that might piss people off around here. It is a small >town and they’ll see me again….

    I can relate.

    But taking the same route most days, the way I do, I see many of the same people sitting in their cages, stewing in traffic. When they see me getting around the jams often enough, one of two things will happen… either they will call the cops and try to get me arrested, or they will learn to appreciate the advantages of riding over driving.

    It’s like a bumper sticker I designed years ago: “It’s nothing personal, it’s just traffic.”

    Ride well,

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