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I had been with progressive for years then I found out government employees get a discount at geico.Save about 50% and they like motorcycles. I am very happy I switched.

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You are so right about this.

You are so right about this. Geico is definitely the way to go with insurance. Learn How to Salsa Dance

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I do not know that they gave

I do not know that they gave this big of discount. I will have to look into the this for insurance. Geico is a good company.
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50% off? WOW

Really? That's great! Now all I have to do is apply for a desk job in the Government.

Do the discount apply to servicemen and women? My brother might be interested.

And can you point me to the page where they officially said this so I can print it and fax it to him. I an OCR Fax service so it's easier for both of us.

Thanks a bunch!

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I have geico, allstate

I have geico, allstate raised my rates significantly with out explanation. When I lived in california, USAA paid me to ride a motorcycle as the multi vehicle discount was greater than the cost of insuring my motorcycle, but this is not true in NC. I think it all depends on the state you live in and the insurance laws of that state which determine a lot of your coverages.

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