Save Parking Space - Ban Motorcycles?


The new property management of my apartment complex decided that, in order to save on parking spaces, motorcycles (among other "similar" things like ATVs and trailers) should be banned from the complex property. So, you can have two or more cars, but not a car and a motorcycle or... just a motorcycle? Is this legit/legal? They don't provide motorcycle-specific parking, we can park two-deep to a space or I can even park a car and bike in one spot.

When I moved in, my lease didn't ban motorcycles. I haven't signed any new paperwork or re-signed anything. Shouldn't my original lease hold? I'm gone (literally) in three months.

Ricky Smith
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Maybe they can allocate some

Maybe they can allocate some parking space for motorcycles separate from the cars.

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In our apartment we have

In our apartment we have different parking space for Two-wheelers and Car so there is no problem at all. Yes but we get only one car parking space and if a person has two cars then he can buy other persons space if does not have any.

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I think I might have seen

I think I might have seen the same article in PopularPhotography Magazine

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