Why don't more bikers ride to work?


Why is it that with all the bike owners out there, only a few ride to work? Except for bad weather, what are the other reasons that bikers don't ride to work?

Tony (not verified)
Why not ride to work?

As I look through this site and read the statistics, it becomes clear very quicky that there are many bikers out there that don't ride to work. Why is that? I don't ride in bad weather, but I ride to work every chance I get. If you don't ride - please share as to why?

James (not verified)
I ride every chance I get,

I ride every chance I get, even when its 25 degrees in the morning. Here in Kansas its either cold, hot, or Windy....

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Why not ride to work?

If the forecast for rain is less than 50%, and the high is going to be above 50 degrees, I ride my 1980 Yamaha triple to work. I always carry a duffle bag over my shoulder, in case I make any small purchases. To and from work I also carry my laptop. A motorcycle 29 years old is going to have some down time for repairs. Mine is rarely down for more than a few days at a time, but as I do all my own repairs, the triple will need to wait for me to have time and parts.

If your motorcycle doesn’t have luggage or a fairing, it can be difficult to ride even with small purchases like a couple gallons of milk and bread you pick up on the way home.

Some people may think a bike is safe enough for themselves, but not their children. The more the parent rides, the more likely the child may want to ride, and the parent may not be comfortable with that.

There is still some prejudice against motorcycle riders, so some may not want to be known as a biker to clients and/or co-workers.

On the opposite end, there is the poseur who rides for the image. In the United States, I believe many motorcycles are purchased just for weekend pleasure use. Many are for the person who “always wanted a bike”, but later found out they like the idea of riding a motorcycle more than actually riding a motorcycle.

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Why not ride to work?

I ride to work whenever possible,but sometimes it is just a hassle with what I have to bring, lunch box,bag of items needed for motorcycling and work.Easier tojust toss it in the car.Especially,when I am up at 4 am and wait till the last minute to get out of bed because I hate being up that early.I do ride, more often then not and all year around here in Reading,PA but sometimes my van is more convienent.

Nelly (not verified)
I don't ride because the

I don't ride because the freeway traffic is a huge hassle, and there aren't any good back roads. I prefer the car and listen to the radio. When I ride I like the open road and limited traffic in the evenings or week-ends. Besides the HD I ride is air cooled, and if I don't move, it overheats. Also, there is limited concrete parking at work and what there is is usually full with the avid riders. I've gotten talked to the one time I parked on the asphalt, because even with a puck I dented their precious blacktop because my bike is heavy. Just not worth the hastle factor unless I go in early to avoid the traffic and get a good parking spot.

Bikinblond (not verified)

I created a new Networking Group on Linked in for people who love to ride to work...join in the fun!

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I dont ride

I don't ride in bad weather, but I ride to work every chance I get.

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Why not ride to work

Many reasons other than weather.

I have 65 miles (not fun at 40 or below, but I've done it). It's not the distance, it's the non attentive car drivers [whoops, almost said cagers] My basic issue is safety, and being seen. I'm at work by 0630, which means leaving at about 0500. If I want civil twilight in the morning when I get to where the traffic gets really crazy, then I'm limited to about mid April to mid September. I've got extra lights in the back and reflective vest and reflective tape on my helmet, but the knuckleheads _still_ don't see us!

I love riding, but I have to balance.

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Why don't more bikers ride to work?

One of my local bike shops has a group that goes on weekly rides- they welcome newcomers and teach them the ways of the road (bike). I think that could be one thing that would help introduce more people to riding regularly and possibly to work and help them become more comfortable.

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Why shouldn't someone ride motorcycles?

If you like motorcycling you may locate approaches to mitigate the risks with education and the right tools. If you can not get cozy with the risks and what you need to do to reduce them, then get a car.