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In Feb. 2008, Puerto Rico instated some new laws regarding motorcycle riding. They just enstated the helmet law. Along with pants, boots & gloves. 6:00 PM - 6:00 AM the rider must also wear reflective vest or strap.
It is difficult to find any shops out there for the riding needs. About a year ago there were around 38 shops. Due to competition there are only about 4. The best that I have found was Power Cycles Inc 787-889-1760.
Also, the popular bikes there are the Hayabusa & scooters. Yes, scooters. Don't be fooled about the scooters though. There are some out there that have been juiced up & run upwards of 200 mph.
It is a gorgeous ride through Puerto Rico though. Just have to watch yourself going through the Rain Forest. The rain, the tight twisties & the few inconsiderate drivers can make the ride pretty rough.
Highly recomend the ride though.

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Never ride a motorcycle in

Never ride a motorcycle in Puerto Rico...you got to be crazy with those 3rd world drivers. An the road conditions? The worst I've ever seen.

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Puerto Rico

Yea, we are crazy. I ride to work almost everyday on my XL600V Transalp. But it is not that bad. And no, we may seem, but we are not a 3rd world country.

You need to ride in Mexico City, NYC or Los Angeles and I'll tell you that's crazy!

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