Cell Phones & Driving don't mix.


Riding to work in Montclair, CA.from Riverside area. I tend to stay off the freeways because of the traffic and construction in the area. So a majority of my travel is on major throughfares off the beaten path on my 2007 Fatboy. I was traveling home, one evening (about 4:15pm) when I was stuck beside a Toyota Corolla. I noticed as I ventured by that there was a woman on a cell phone leaning to the left (phone on that side). As we progressed at about 45 mph, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed she was slowly moving into my lane. I moved over a bit and honked, still no acknowledgement. We kept going and further down the road she continued to move over into my lane. By now, I have an 18 wheeler half way up my exhaust pipe and the more I slow the closer he gets. At this point I am almost completely on the right side of MY lane which she is almost completely in when I decided to make my move and knock on here side window. When I did she grabbed the steering wheel and headed left into the dirt median, throw sand, gravel, cans... etc. The semi decided it was time for him to back off my ass and I slowed down. Behind me I hear a siren and look in the mirror to see red and blue lights coming up very quickly on my left. The officer, as he pulled up next to me, rolled his window down and asked if I was ok... I yelled I was ok and he took off after the Corolla. As traffic slowed for the officer, I passed them and pulled ahead of him while he talked to the woman that appeared very shook up. After he was done with her, he walked up to me and told me he cited her for unsafe driving and wanted to get my info in case this citation went to court. I promptly gave him what he needed. After the officer was finsihed with me, he walked back by the woman (who was sobbing extremly hard) and proceeded to finish tell her about road ethics. I pulled away and proceeded home.. still a bit shakin, but alive.



Not just women

At least half the bozos on cell phones that I see are men. Unfortunately, a lot of the men yakkers seem to be driving much larger vehicles AND more aggressively. Let's face it: cell phones and driving don't mix. Hang up or pull over.


you knocked on her window!! That's great. "Excuse me, you're running me off the road. Could you stay in your lane."

Erm, I believe you mean cell

Erm, I believe you mean cell phones and DRIVING don't mix. I see guys doing the same crap and waving their free hand or cleaning the car pocket, stuffing in french fries, once even saw a guy SHAVING! Then when you honk at them for drifting they look at you like, "What? You got a problem with this, bi***?"

Good for you and the

Good for you and the officer. People like that (cell phone and driving) should be banned from the road.

Cell phones

I have never made or answered a call on a cell phone while in traffic. I personally think that there should be a federal law (not state by state) with a heavy fine regarding this issue. I have narrowly missed many accidents over the years because of people not paying attention.

New take on things

Since deciding very recently to take the steps to become a motorcycle rider - I also decided to turn my cell phone off while driving.

reading stories like this make me realize how much sooner I should have made that choice. While hindesight is 20/20, I can't do anything but shake my head at how retarded I was being and encourage others to stop doing the same.

my 2c on the issue is - the people talking aren't the worst - it's the people texting.

Boy ain't that the truth!!

My worst nightmare is the "minivan drivin', cell phone talkin', left-hand turnin' soccer Mom". I can't begin to tell you how many times this species of driver has cut me off. I came up along side one of them once, and motioned her to roll down her window, when she did I asked her if she had even seen me. Her answer "No". I told her to be more careful and thanked her for not making my children mohterless. Just when you think you have seen it all.....

Why does people have to talk so much on cellphone?

First of all, I'm not that old. I love gadgets. I have a cellphone. But I just don't get why people have to talk so much on cellphone? I make calls when I need to; my friends call me when they need to. But still very few of my calls last more than a minute or two. What are all those people talking about on their phone? I don't see people talking all that much face to face!!!

Cell's are ilegal in CT

Here in CT I ride to work every day rain or shine except when it's actually snowing. I look at all cagers as if they are ass clowns out to make me a part of their 3 ring circus. 80% of the people on Cells are women. They are not even looking at the road when they are talking their eyes are fixed up at the sky. They are not driving their cages as much as they are herding their cage on the road. I have 2 120db horns on my bike and I lay on them frequently to get drivers to pay attention to the task at hand. Whenever I can I tell the cage driving ass clowns to hang up the fucking cell. I don't care if it's a guy twice the size of me or some bitch with a van full of brats. They are not supposed to be on the Goddammed contraption from hell and it only makes everyones life more dangerous when they are.

This goes to show...

Far too many people are handed a drivers license! I am a pilot and I have to prove my skills to my licensing agency (FAA) on a regular basis. If I were king, I would make driver licensing much more difficult combined with regular recurring training.

It seems that here in NM they hand every idiot with a pulse a drivers license. I would like to see that come to an end!

Dave (not verified)
cell phones

I drive every day to work. rain or shine. in Florida the only days you cant ride are hurricane days. had a lady on a cell drift into my lane the other day. i kicked her door after horn honking did not move her. when we stopped at a light, she yelled at me for kicking her car. i had 18 to 20 inches before i was into the curb. i was on my brand new c50t. i was not going to let her wreck it. she called the cop and the cop asked me what happened when i told him he sited her for improper lane change and wreck less driving. good for him. need to have more cops do this. serves the witch right for calling the cops on me.

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