Pleasantville, NY to Ridgefield, CT


It's an ok ride. I usually take the Saw Mill Parkway to 35. RT 35 can be a bear. 2 lane stuck behind many loafers, buses or trucks is tough as there are limited places to pass which are usually further hampered by a steady stream of oncoming traffic. Even at non rush hour times the road can be dangerous to keep a brisk pace as there are far too many places vehicles can pull out from.

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Be careful & take your time

Be careful & take your time when manuvering around traffic, we arn't the easyest to see out there.

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Why I ride

A bad ride in is still better than a good day @ work.

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It is better to be careful

It is better to be careful than sorry.Careless driving might hamper your next 10 years or 5 years plan.So be vigilant.

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you alwasy ahve to be

you alwasy ahve to be careful in heavy traffic, its good your so alert