Preventive maintainance to keep your chain from popping off

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A good way to help prevent your chain from popping off is with good preventive maintainance. Purchase a can of wax from your local motorcycle shop, then take a cloth & wipe your chain clean, after that you need to spray on the wax. This helps the life of your chain last longer.

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I like my solution...

...shaft drive.

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I did not know this about

I did not know this about the chain. This is so amazing that you can use wax for this. Thanks for the great tip.

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I usually buy grease for the

I usually buy grease for the chains. Don't know that wax is as effective. It's worth a try. You should try this too. I'll share this tip in millionaire mind seminar . It keeps the chain from popping off.

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Thanks for sharing this

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