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I just got a 2006 Vespa LX50 for my primary transportation. I live in Russellville, AR. I can get anywhere around town with it. I was just wondering if anyone has some advice of what kind of rain gear is good?

And tips for riding a scooter in the rain.


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riding in the rain

Hi Doug, congrats on your Vespa. Such style! :)

My first bit of advice for riding in the rain is TYRES (or TIRES to you). When the road is wet, that tiny little contact patch between your tyres and the road is absolutely essential.

First, check that you have the correct tyres for your riding conditions. Then check their condition, then keep them pumped up to the right pressure.

Things to look for:
- Choose a good brand - are your tyres original? Make sure they haven't been replaced with something cheap, hard and made of plastic! If in doubt, go to a specialist for a check.
- Look for hardening of the compound (especially important if the tyres are old - shouldn't be a problem for an 06 Vespa). again get an expert to check if you're not sure.
- Check for wear & tear like tread depth, side wall damage, etc
- Pressure - consult your manual to find ideal pressure, then get yourself a good, reliable tyre gauge and check them every week!

Happy riding.

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Must feel safe

I love bike riding but I always prefer to maintain a speed of 60 Km/hour. Because I always like the person is on the back seat must feel safe while I am driving the bike. I also feel that smooth driving is far better than fast driving.