Generating Local Media Coverage

Press Release: for immediate publication
Date: 4/11/03
Subject: Generating Local Media Coverage

Local Ride to Work Press Releases

Ride to Work Day provides an opportunity to raise local awareness about
motorcycling by submitting a Press Release to local radio and TV stations
and newspaper offices. Please add your local contact information to the
Press Release shown below and submit it to the broadcasters and Newspapers
in your area. Sending a Press Release to the media is a great way to help
improve the public view of motorcycling. Remember, radio, TV and print news
organizations must find new things to cover every day and most will welcome
positive �news� items like this. This Press Release can be sent on letterhead
or blank stationary; via post, fax or email (downloadable samples are available
at <>. Release date July 10-16):


For Immediate Release - Air from July 10th through July 16th
Local Cyclists Lead National Ride to Work Day Event
Area riders rev up to lead the 12th Annual Ride to Work Day.
Community participants include motorcycling associates and employees at local
companies and the members of local motorcycle enthusiasts and clubs.

The Nationwide Ride to Work Day takes place this year on Wednesday, July 16th,
2003. Riding to work demonstrates that motorcycles are a useful form of trans-
portation. Motorcycles get great gas mileage, help conserve resources and ease
traf-fic and parking congestion.

Motorcyclists come from all walks of life, work in all occupations, and range
in age from teenagers to grandparents. The American Motorcyclist Association
and many other rider organizations have encouraged all motorcyclists to ride their
cycles to work on Wednesday, July 16, 2003 to show motorcycling is a social good.
For more information about Ride to Work visit <> or call 218
722 9806.

Local Contact: ________________ (daytime), _________________ (night),
_____________ (fax), < ______@___> (email) contact information is not for broadcast or publication.


For more information contact:
Andy Goldfine <>
Ride To Work
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