Heat Wave

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Heat Wave

I ride to work from North NJ to New York City. I can park on the street across the street from my office. June 2002 during a heat wave I come out to find my bike lying on it's side on a pile of sand. The gas tank had sprung a leak and someone called a cop. The cop called the fire department. They poured the sand and layed the bike on top of it. I had to take a train home to get a trailer and come back later that evening to pick up the bike. I have a nice picture of the bike on the trailer with the Empire State building in the background. I got home around midnight.

- John

s**t happedd

sorry to hear that , but you know its damn new york & crazy thingshappend in the big city

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Was the sand to retain the fuel leak?

. . . They laid the bike down on the sand or did the hot pavement let the kickstand sink and the bike fall over? That happens on hot days here in the south with heavy bikes all too often.

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Wow... but I don't get it!

I'm a bit confused about what happened to the bike... did the fuel tank spontaneously spring a leak because of the heat? Or did it fall over (as pete suggested) and the tank leaked as a result of lying on its side?

I'm very glad to live in a mild maritime climate where this kind of extreme heat just doesn't happen. I think I would be the one melting and springing a leak.

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Poor you. I hope the city

Poor you. I hope the city government can do something about that. That is really frustrating especially that you are in a hurry.

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Summer season is here! it


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