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Yesterday I was on my way home from work, and had just pulled out onto an arterial street from filling my bike's tank ($4.00 fill up as opposed to $30 for the minivan). I had changed to the inside lane on this 4-lane street, which put me next to the center "turn left anywhere" lane running down the center.

Up ahead this [insert expletive of choice] driving an extended-length full-size van pulls out from the right, making a left-hand turn, and instead of pulling into the center lane and THEN waiting for an opening in traffic, he STOPS, blocking not one, but BOTH lanes. The driver was not even looking to his left, he was staring off to the right, trying to see if there was an opening to pull into. I put the bike into a fast controlled straight-line stop, laid on the horn (having two FIAMM OEM auto horns hung off the triple-tree is a GOOD thing), and he finally looked. The driver then pulled the van forward (slowly!) and got me just enough room to squeeze by around the back at 5mph.

The irony? This van pulled out of a Harley dealership's loading dock. You'd think he'd know better...

- George

You ride the way you drive.

If this guy was a Harley rider, he probably rides the same way. Pulling out into traffic without making sure he has room.

I have seen some bikers make some of the most bone-headed moves, there's no wonder why some cagers hate us. Just this past Wednesday (3/14) I had another biker cut me off making a LEFT TURN from a parking lot without looking for traffic making a right turn from an opposing parking lot. Vehicles entering a rodeway by way of a right turn still have the right of way to opposing traffic. This guy was oblivious! Or stupid.

Don't worry, he wont last

Don't worry, he wont last long.

Sad, but probably true...

Sad, but probably true...

get over it

you have all done the same thing at one point or another. you need to start paying more attention when you driving. you will begin to notice that occasionally you all do the same things. you are not doing them intentionally, it is out of routine. you drive from point A to point B everyday. occasionally, you are so use to the everyday drive that you begin thinking and focusing on other objectives. you become sidetracked, and eventually do the same things that you are complaining about other people doing to you. don't have the driver who occasionally has his head inserted up (well you know). blame the driver who does it while giving you the bird. if you dont like what i said then get over it. first time on this website and might not remember how to get back to it.

Actually I agree

I used to get so mad in traffic and then I started paying more attention to my own mistakes. I realized that everyone has a bad moment and are likely to make a mistake. Un-fortunitly some peoples mistakes cost us out lives.

I always give people the benefit of the doubt now but if they cut me off and flick me off I have the kick stand down before they know what happened. You can make a mistake but if I honk at you and you flick me off, nudge closer to me, attempt to ride my tail or anything of the like you better lock your door because you have just attempted to kill me and I will return the favor.

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I guess the driver didn't

I guess the driver didn't mind paying for a high car insurance quote, he's obviously a reckless driver and this doesn't go unnoticed to the insurance companies. Because of people like him accidents happen on a daily even hourly basis...