Motorcycle Related

Tactics / Tools
Lane Share
Lane Splitting 101
Parking in England
Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Laws / Enforcement
HURT 911-Injury Info
Lemon law rights
Lemon Law Info and Contacts
Offices of Perry J Zucker
Police Radar Measuring Systems
Reasonable Drivers Unanimous
SENSE - Saftey by Education
Speed Trap Exchange
Ticket Assassin
Traffic Ticket Info
Traffic Radar Handbook

City Bike
Friction Zone
Ironworks Magazine
Motorcycle Cruiser
Motorcyclist Magazine
Motorcycles Motocentral
Motorcycle Consumer News
Roadbike Magazine

Sandwell Strategy


Bad MCs/Bad People
CB 750 Mutilation Society
The Great RAT Run
Scooter Trash
TZ350/250 Website

Clubs / Contacts
AMA-Am Motorcyclist Assoc
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
UK MC Council
MRF-MC Riders Foundation
MAG UK-MC Action Group
Motorcyclist Rights Orgs

Statistics / Studies
AIRNOW-Realtime Pollution Data
BTS - Transportation Indicators - Risk study
IIHS Home Page
New Zealand Motorcycle Conspicuity Study
TRIP: Road Info Program
TTI Urban Mobility Study
VDOT HOV Calculator

2001 Fuel Economy Site
BTS - National Trans Stats (NTS)
Capitol Advantage
Congressman Earl Blumenhauer
Contacting the Congress
DOT-Rumble Strip Studies
Fed Stats Homepage
Federal Transit Administration
Federal Hwy Administration
Highway Policy Information
NHTSA - (home page)
NHTSA advice to MC riders
NHTSA: Motorcycle Safety
NHTSA: MC Traffic Digest Topics
Surface Trans Policy Project
Texas Trans Institute
Traffic Congestion
Transportation news-current
Uniform Traffic Control Devices
U.S. Dep of Transportation
US DOT-Congestion
US DOT-Tranport Stat's
US House of Reps
US Senate

Politics / Lobbies / Associations
AAMVA-Am Assoc Motor Vehicle
AASHTO-Assoc Hwy&Trans Off
American Hwy Users Alliance
Disabled Riders of America
Drivers Against Daytime Lights
Euro Fed Trans and Env
Gov's Highway Safety Rep's.
Institute of Trans Engineers
Int Assoc of Chiefs of Police
Institute for Trans.Dev.Policy
Lane Share
National Motorists Association

Society / Culture
American Autobahn
Andy Singer Home
Assoc Against Running Lights
Carfree Cities
Congress for the New Urbanism
Evel Knievel (His last interview)
Gas Price Watch
Less Traffic
Loka Institute
Motorbike Sounds and Vintage Bikes
Red Meat-secrets of Max Cannon
Sustainable Trans Publications
Target Risk
The Commons
The Green Map System
Transportation Alternatives
USCAR Home Page
World Transport Policy Journal

APBP(Assoc of Ped & Bike Pros)
Bikes Belong Coalition
Bike Parking
Bike To Work
Cars Suck!
ECF (Euro Cyclists Fed)
Intl. Bicycle Fund
ITDP(Inst of Trans Policy)
Open Road's Encycleopedia
The Outcast Magazine
Thunderhead Alliance
San Diego Bicycle Coalition

Media Contacts
FAIR's media contact list
Independent Press Association