Motorcycle Commuter Mount Everest

The American and Canadian commuting rider’s Mount Everest is the large number of drivers who do not understand lane sharing and lane splitting, and do not want it. The 2 min video linked below is an example of internet-tollerey about lane splitting. It made us smile, but NSFW as the speaker uses the F word many times. Our bottom-line takeaway is that in the USA and Canada this woman’s expressed frustration, and her feelings about the unfairness of lane splitting, is shared by many auto and truck drivers.

Across all the rest of the world, where filtering and lane splitting is common (All of Asia, Europe, NZ, Australia, South America, etc…), the majority of motorists accept lane splitting, filtering and sharing in congested road situations as natural, and even helpful. The woman’s online video linked here shows is what we are up against in most of North America (except California), and it’s a lot…it will take many more years, lots of education, and more responsible motorcycle, bicycle and scooter-riding commuters to working together to help normalize and eventually legalize this safe, beneficial riding practice.

As Mr. Subjective’s late father would say, somewhat irritatingly (thinking he was being funny): “If it was easy, I’d do it myself.” Well Hah hah hah, dad…We at hope that in your everyday riding and also your off-the-bike life you’ll find ways to safely advance the idea that lane splitting is good for everyone, whenever and wherever there is road congestion. It helps to have a sense of humor about this. This is a Mount Everest. But because of the hard work and persistence of many, lots of other societally desirable minorities and non-mainstream social practices have become legally protected over the past century. So there is hope. There are no reasons why a similar good accommodation cannot also be accomplished for lane splitting.

View our Mount Everest challenge here (2min)