Motorcycle Mechanic Scholarship

Contributions for a motorcycle mechanic scholarship can be made to a fund dedicated to helping add Ride To Work aware motorcycle mechanics. Scholarship contributions submitted to this program are separate from general Ride To Work funds. A full scholarship for one individual to attend an accredited motorcycle mechanic training program will be announced when enough funds have been raised to provide for one complete academic tuition (not including housing, food, miscellaneous expenses, etc). The specific vocational schools involved will be chosen by Ride To Work. Each school will then award the Ride To Work scholarship(s) to worthy candidate(s) of their choice. Candidates will be selected from those student's whose primary career focus will be specifically on motorcycle mechanics training (i.e. - not watercraft, snowmobile, or other small engine 'majors'). As the scholarship funds permit, additional scholarships will be made available. Scholarship recipients will be recognized in The Daily Rider.