My Own Worst Enemy

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My worst commute was in August of 1990. I was working the night shift at a hospital in Maryland. I was traveling on the outer loop of the beltway to northern Virginia.

I was being harassed by an idiot in a car and I decided to end my dilemma with a burst of speed. At the time my bike was a 1987 Kawasaki ZL 1000 Eliminator. I was enjoying the jerk in the Honda Accord disappearing in my mirrors, when I passed two Maryland state troopers at about 120 MPH.

I cranked up the speed and was back in VA before the troopers even got back in their patrol cars. I was feeling good and went home.

The next day, while traveling the same road I glanced in my mirror noticed that there were flashing lights approaching fast. My first thought was that those troopers were waiting for me and they were out for revenge.

I immediately took off and was planning to out run troopers when I realized that traffic was too congested and I'd never get away. I decided to get off the highway ASAP. I planned to take the first exit I came to, all was going well when I realized to my horror that the exit made a sharp right hand turn.

I was traveling approximately 80 MPH when I took the exit and I jumped on the brakes. After sliding for what seemed to be a eternity, I ran out of road. As soon as my front wheel left the pavement, I went over the handle bars and crashed.

I thought I was dead, because I felt no pain. I looked back toward my bike and saw it in a twisted lump of smoking metal and plastic. I ran back to observe the result of my stupidity, when the flashing lights caught up to me. It wasn't the police after all; it was an ambulance and the worst part it drove right by me.

I managed to wheel my crippled bike down the exit ramp and found a woman walking her dog. I asked her to call me a ambulance. I spent two days in the hospital.

The result $3,200 dollars damage to my bike and a Left shoulder injury( torn rotator cuff).

- Kurt

No sympathy for stupidity!

Read subject over and over.

Stay off 2

Stay off 2 wheels, stick to 4, you will be safer as will the rest of the wonder bikers have bad names, idiots like you.

You, I don't like.

You make it bad for the rest of us. Personally I know I'm mortal and try to ride respectfully of others, unfortunately they've met you first and have already decided I'm as good a target for some payback as you.


stay off the roads


Squidly diddly

Your story made me throw up in my mouth a little at the thought of you being such a dumbass. I only wish I had the opportunity to see you go to jail.


Don't act like you've never thought about doing the same thing!

I'm not gonna be that hard on you...I've tried to run b4...but always ended up stopping when i realized i wasn't gonna get away...VA cops r the WORST! I live in MD and since the new traffic laws went into effect as of 7/1/07 i refuse to ride in VA. Hope your sholder's ok now.

an old marine once told me....

"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough..."

Mike P - Nashvegas

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Wait! I am laughing too hard to type!

Ok, now . . . .

Know why we feel pain? It is your body saying . ."DON'T DO THAT!"

Just glad you did not hurt anyone else during your learning experience.
You did learn didn't you?