New Ride To Work Advertising


Press Release: For immediate publication
Date: 02/02/01
Subject: 2001 Ride To Work Day Ad Sets

New Ride To Work Advertising

Riding on Ride To Work Day can demonstrate that motorcycling is a social good and that riders are from all occupations. Increased participation in the 2001 annual �Ride To Work Day� can change public attitudes about motorcycling in ways that will benefit all enthusiasts. To learn more call 218 722 9806 or email or go to
During the coming year a variety of new programs will focus attention on motorcycles� many advantages when used for commuting. July 18th of 2001 will mark the 10th anniversary of Ride To Work Day. The annual national Ride To Work Day event is always on the 3rd Wednesday in July.

Media Note: Here are the new advertisements for the 2001 Ride To Work Day event. Your help placing these ads on a no-charge/public service basis, will make a difference in the level of support for this year�s Ride To Work Day. Downloadable files (text and images) of these ads are also available at If you recieved a B&W version of the �Worlds Roughest Ride� ad and would like a four-color film version, please contact us. All ads are downloadable in digital format at our site.

For more information contact:
Jean Vincent
Andy Goldfine
Ride To Work
Phone: 218 722 9806
Fax: 218 720 3610
Postal: Box 1072 Proctor, MN 55810-1072