Next Monday, June 20th, is Ride To Work Day

Ride To Work

Media Release: For Immediate Publication
Date: 06/14/11
Subject: Next Monday, June 20th, is Ride To Work Day

Email Forwards: Send to all media, all riders, all motorcycle/scooter dealers, etc. Motorcycle and Scooter Ride to Work Day is Monday, June 20th.

Motorcycle and scooter riders' 20th annual commuting day is this coming Monday, June 20th. Participation in the yearly demonstration is estimated to triple the number of riders on the road. Motorcycle and scooter groups and organizations actively encourage riders to commute by cycle on this day. On Ride to Work Day, motorcycle and scooter commuters seek improved employer recognition and support for this form of transportation and increased public and government awareness of the positive value of riding.

Adding more commuting motorcycles and scooters makes urban parking easier and traffic flow better, according to Ride to Work, a non-profit advocacy organization. Studies have also shown that across the same distances, riders reach their destinations faster than those using automobiles. Most motorcycles and scooters also consume less resources per mile than automobiles. "Riding to work on this day is fun and highlights the positive value of motorcycling. For many people, riding is a socially responsible form of mobility that saves energy, helps the environment and provides a broad range of other public benefits," stated Andy Goldfine, this year's event organizer.

The Ride to Work website includes:

  • Secure credit card or PayPal purchases of Ride to Work merchandise.
  • An interactive forum to discuss Ride to Work issues and events.
  • A wholesale program of support merchandise available to dealers and retailers.
  • A photo gallery to show your Every Day Ride on the website.

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