Not as bad as it could have been, still...


So there I am in a pouring rain on my fabboo new V-star (purple honey!) stopped at a major intersection at the bottom of a steep hill waiting on the light when I notice the woman in a panel van in the right lane a car or two ahead of me sticks her head out the window and looks me dead in the face. I figure she's another one of those "Is that a chick on that bike?!" gawkers and I simply smile and wave back.

Light changes and off we go... turns out she was looking to see if there is a car in the left lane behind her (where I am), and not seeing "a car" proceeds to make that (you've seen 'em) sudden left turn from the right lane. Needless to say I never make it to the other side of the intersection and am now getting a facial curtesy the broad side of her van. Fortunately since we were only beginning to proceed through the light we weren't going very fast, still time has a weird way of suspending itself under those kinds of circumstances and I remember thinking to myself "Wow, these helmets really work. Don't need a law to make me wear one! And what am I, naked? How the hell she didnt' see me in this bright red, reflective rainsuit?!", then I hit the ground for the 2nd time.

I knew I probably wasn't hurt bad, yet but there was this matter of traffic barrelling down that hill behind me not seeing me there flat on my back in a blinding rain. I must have also been thinking about what I was going to do to this person once the world stopped spinning because I found myself flailing away the sky thinking I was already up & swinging mad when in fact I was neatly pinned under the bike, and the lady (thinking better of coming any closer) was skulking back into the safety of her van while some nice fellas stopped traffic and pulled the bike off me. They convined me it was best I just lay there and wait for the police and an ambulance just in case, and I figure I really didn't feel like going to work any more so hey...

I'm fine, she (or rather her insurance company) paid me for new paint, a light, a pedal, and enough flexeril to make me forgive her so all is well. Be careful out there!

Hate drivers like that. They

Hate drivers like that. They don't see bikers as a road users. Should get more money out of her.

Just goes to show... you

Just goes to show... you have to assume that you are invisable to the naked eye.

RE: Be Careful

When friends tell me to be careful; I say, "YOU be careful and pay attention to your surroundings (get off the phone), because YOUR not the only one on the road -that's why my motto is "ride like their out to get you!" Head up, eyes always looking to right, left, forward -alway look behind you when changing lanes and never let a car/SUV/truck, etc drive next to -we need our space.
Thank the Lord for your recovery!