Organizing Local Ride To Work Events

Press Release: for immediate publication
Date: 3/28/03
Subject: Organizing Local Ride to Work Events and Activity Programs

Here are three ways riders can promote motorcycling and increase
participation on Ride to Work Day, Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

1. Organize Ride to Work Day 'Riders Breakfasts'.
This is an opportunity to meet other commuting riders in your area.
Choose a local restaurant or coffee shop with a parking area and
central location and provide information or posters to local
motorcycle dealers and clubs. A motor-cycle dealer may also sponsor
or provide the breakfast. Invite the local newspaper, tv and radio
stations to attend the event. Expect riders to come and go between
6am and 10am.

2. Seek Local Business Involvement.
Before Ride to Work Day, meet with important local employers and
provide information about the event, and about the transportation
contribution motorcyclists make. Ask for permission to put Ride to
Work Posters on company bul-letin boards and to insert a notice in
company newsletters. On Ride to Work Day ask for a reserved or
designated high-er profile parking area for motorcycles. Notify
local news media about companies providing exceptional support for
Ride to Work Day and their motorcycling employees.

3. Conduct a Commute Time Demonstration Challenge
On Ride to Work Day, show that commuting to work by motorcycle is
almost always the fastest way to get there (and later back home).
Meet a car driving 'volunteer commuter' at their residence and have
both the motorcycle rider and the driving commuter leave that location
at the same pre-set time. Have someone at the work destination start
a clock at that time and record the different arrival times. Organize
several simultaneous challenges and note which commuting methods get
the worker to the job first. Invite local TV and radio to cover this
event. (Note: This is a demonstra-tion challenge, not a race. All
traffic laws are followed.) As a bonus, calculate the gas and per mile
cost savings. (Insurance, tires, etc.) Multiplying the costs by 250
work days using the 'volunteer commuter' vehicle.

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