Plattsburgh New York to Miami Florida


Shortly after a the end of an exercise on the Air Force Base, I put in for some leave and decided I was going to make my trip home on my motorcycle. It was a Yamaha 650 Maxum and I loved that ride. The overall duration of the trip was 30 hours as I didn't do any site seeing along the way; but here's a tip for you two wheel travelers; If you are passing through maryland in the mists of the night, you might consider pulling over and spending the night in a local motel. I didn't and I regretted it as I had to pull over on the side of the road until the fog lifted. Yes the fog. I had never seen anything like that. There were moments that it actually made reading my instrument guages a challenge.

None the less I would do it again as the highways weren't cluttered (I-87 to I-95). Another piece of advise is to keep to the speed limit in New Jersey.

Enjoy the ride...........