Ride To Work

Ride To Work
July 20, 2000

To: Motorcycle Industry Associates
Subject: Ride to Work

Ride to Work Day has long received grass-roots support, but now it has the potential to become one of motorcycling's most influential and popular programs. Your help can make this happen. Ride To Work was recently formed to promote Ride to Work Day. You can help make next year's tenth annual Ride to Work Day a positive, signature event for motorcycling.

Ride to Work has a website/phone/postal address, owns all the Ride to Work trademarks, url's, and promotional items (soon available only from Ride To Work). Ride to Work published The Daily Rider flyer for this year's event. It has insurance, an office, and other elements useful for doing advocacy and public relations work.

It won't be easy to expand participation in next year's Ride to Work Day. During the coming year, several more The Daily Rider flyers will be produced to increase and broaden rider (and industry) awareness of this event. Advocacy materials and media kits need to be developed and distributed. Space advertising and other collateral programs should be prepared. None of these things can happen without additional support. Your help is needed.

The Ride to Work Day campaign needs your contribution. Please send non-tax deductible contributions to Ride to Work, and indicate if you can provide other assistance. This unique, positive event can provide a powerful long-term impact...for motorcycling, and for everyone...your support is vital and needed.


Andy Goldfine
Ride to Work
Enc -The Daily Rider, Ride To Work sticker and button, SASE

For more information contact:
Jean Vincent
Andy Goldfine
Ride To Work
Phone: 218 722 9806
Fax: 218 720 3610
Website: www.ridetowork.org
E-mail: propaganda@ridetowork.org
Postal: Box 1072 Proctor, MN 55810-1072