Ride to Work 2015


From: RideToWork.org

Subject: Ride To Work Day 2015

Ride to Work Day 2014 is in the books and was a great success thanks to riders like you. Measuring participation world-wide isn’t easy, but from the volume of received messages and photos, as well as from the Facebook and Blogosphere, this year looks like it was the largest ever.

Planning is already underway for next year’s annual Ride to Work Day, which will be Monday, June 15th 2015. Until then, we hope you will continue to ride to work, and for your everyday errands, all through the year. All riders, and each ride increases public and governmental awareness about the benefits of riding.

Also, be sure to check out the Ride to Work webpage, where all of the new 2015 RTW Day promotional ads and a new poster soon will be available (as well as other RTW Day stickers and propaganda). Post your comments to the forum or share a photo of your ‘daily ride’ with fellow riders. Check it out at: www.ridetowork.org. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with any RTW updates, news or related events that are shared via social media. Good riding!

Ride to Work Day, a 501 c4 nonprofit organization, can be reached at:
POB 1072, Proctor, Minnesota, 55810 USA
218 722 9806
Ride to Work Day Mission Statement:
To advocate and support the use of motorcycles and scooters for transportation, and to provide information about transportation riding to the public.
Affiliated Ride to Work Day Countries:
Canada, Germany, Philippines, England, France, Israel, Turkey, Ecuador, United States, and many others.
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Motorcycle commuting photos, ads, posters, banners, photos, illustrations and other artwork is available for view and download at: http://www.ridetowork.org/signs-posters-cards-propaganda-art