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Dan Bateman

Musings of an Intrepid Commuter, by Dan Bateman

Hello. My name is Dan and I am a motorcyclist. It sounds like an introduction used in another venue, doesn't it? Truth be told, I have to admit that I AM addicted to motorcyles and riding.


Bill Sommers

Little Billy's Scooter Tales, by Bill Sommers

I'm a family man with a wife and three children. That is first and foremost. I'm a sales manager for a company called Hartnagel Building Supply. A division of Lumber Traders Inc. We are an employee owned company with 2 stores, and another currently under construction. I live in Port Angeles Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula.


Dru Satori

Scootering, by Dru Satori

"Oh and since it’s going to be near 80 here today, can I call off the workday due to lack of interest and go riding?" Dru blogs about his ride to work in Atlanta Georgia.


Stephen Burns

Burnszilla, by Stephen Burns

Three years ago when I walked into the office with my wet gear on co-workers would say, "Did you ride in today?" "No, I walked here in my motorcycle gear." Now they don't say anything. They just think I'm crazy.


David Dragon

Ride it like you stole it! by David Dragon

There's no such thing as Bad Riding Weather, just Bad Riding Gear!


Adam Novitt

New England Moto by Adam Novitt

As the weather warms and I contemplate making my "debut" as a commuter motorcyclist it is with some trepidation wonder at how I will overcome this most recent incarnation of the idea of "motorcyclist" as only "biker".


Dom Chang

Redleg's Rides by Dom Chang

Year-round riding reports and farkle reviews by a guy who started motorcycling in his mid-40s. Based in Colorado, and thoroughly hooked on the joys of long distance touring and exploring while riding.



Who's Laughing Now? by Rick "Rench" Pelanek

Thankyou for asking about scooters, for showing interest in something different, and thank you especially for not running me down! As gas gets scarily close to $4 a gallon, I figured I'd do something a little goofy and a lot of fun, and if I save some gas and the environment along the way, that's great. I'm definitely saving money.


Demonio Pellegrino

Mototourism, by Demonio Pellegrino

I like riding along country roads, taking my time, stopping at a good restaurant and eating a good meal...but I must admit that I do most of my riding in the Brussels' traffic.


Gary Charpentier

Rush Hour Rambling, by Gary Charpentier

Riding to work through the teeth of a Minnesota Winter was how Gary got his start in blogging. He continues this tradition and is seen from time to time mounting his might KLR 650 'Frogwing.'


Steve Williams

Scooter in the Sticks, by Steve Williams

Living in central Pennsylvania keeps me isolated from any real urban riding. I have to watch for whitetail deer and groundhogs as much as SUV's and trucks. Most of my riding is solitary by choice. Each time I start the engine I still get a thrill not really knowing where I am going or what I am going to see.


Baron in Winter

Baron In Winter (Archived), by Gary Charpentier

What started as an experiment turned into an adventure. Gary Charpentier commuted to work on a Baron scooter through a harsh, unforgiving Minnesota winter. Traveling 50 miles round trip through the thick side roads and highways that St. Paul Minneosota has to offer.


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