Ride To Work Motorcycle Shops


A motorcycle shop can be qualified at a $30 charge with recommendations submitted to Ride To Work by three riders. (Motorcycle shops may also become qualified by contributing $500 to Ride To Work, and pledging to comply with these standards.) A Ride To Work Shop that fails to meet the standards of this program will be removed. Each Ride To Work supporting shop will receive a display plaque, logo clock, entry door stickers and be listed and recommended in The Daily Rider.

RTW shops will provide: 1. Under two-hour tire changes (each tire/wheel). Limited to tires that are available at the location where the tire change work is performed. 2. Two-hour oil changes. Limited to oils available at the location where the oil change is performed. Engine oil filter must be replaced. 3. One-day tune-ups. (Motorcycles must be made available for service before 9 a.m. Specific tune-up services vary, but must include oil, oil filter, coolant, ignition, carburetors, valves, air filter and battery services. Items not included are tires, chains, sprockets, steering, brakes, suspensions, electrical systems, general repairs, accessories and other components.)