Ride to Work News and Updates

Press Release: for immediate publication
Date: 3/21/03
Subject: 2003 Ride to Work News and Updates

New Ride to Work Pass-Along Cards: New wallet sized 'pass-along' cards help
riders provide information about Ride To Work Day. The card usefully lists
reasons for riding to work, and presents the mission of the Ride To Work
program: �To support the use of motorcycles for transportation and to
provide information about transportation riding to the public.� Each card
also includes contact information for addi-tional Ride To Work materials.
Cards are available from the Ride To Work website as .pdf files that can be
printed anywhere. All motorcycle related businesses are encouraged to provide
these cards along with their products and services.

Formal Non Profit Status: Ride To Work is now a 501C-4 non-profit organization.
All motorcycle business related contributions and all donated advertising space
is tax deductible. Ride To Work Day public service ads, posters and graphics are
all available as digital image files at <http://www.ridetowork.org/ads/>.

New Website: A new Ride To Work website is open at <www.ridetowork.org>. The
website was re-designed to make it easier to use.

New Posters and Public Service Ads: All 2003 Ride to Work ads are available as
.pdf graphic files at <www.ridetowork.org>. To recieve 2003 RTW artwork by mail,
contact <propaganda@rtw.org> or call 218 722 9806.

International Event: The third-Wednesday-in-July annual Ride To Work Day is now
worldwide. Dozens of countries from Turkey to England to the Philippines have
formally recognized Ride To Work Day on the same day.

2003 Ride to Work Day: This year�s 12th annual event is Wednesday, July 16th.
(It is always on the 3rd Wednesday in July.) Ride To Work Day is a unique, positive
demonstration of motorcyclings potential. Transportation riding helps relieve urban
congestion, creates additional parking spaces, saves energy and benefits participants
and society in many other ways. Nothing puts motorcycling into the fabric of everyday
life like Ride To Work Day.

Ride to Work Day Participation: In the United States there are about 90 million daily
commuters using private vehicles and only 135,000 of these are using motorcycles. Yet
there are 7 million motorcycles in the USA. If only one million of them...one of seven
...are ridden on Ride To Work Day, everyone in traffic will see around ten times as many
bikes as on any other day. This would change public awareness about rid-ing and
demonstrate the positive values of motorcycling.

For more information contact:
Andy Goldfine <agoldfine_rtw@ridetowork.org>
Ride To Work
Phone: 218 722 9806
Fax: 218 720 3610
Website: www.ridetowork.org
Postal: Box 1072 Proctor, MN 55810-1072