Rider July 2008 - One Track Mind


One Track Mind: Short Takes

By Mark Tuttle Jr.

Practicing safe fuel conservation.

Ride to Work Day is July 16, 2008

With gas prices soaring, many of you are probably using your motorcycles more. That's great! Short trips to the store you used to make in the car, commuting a few miles to work, etc. - you're spreadig the two-wheeled gospel and often (depending on the bike) reducing the impact on the environment as well as saving some gas money. Just don't forget the ugly sounding but effective mantra ATGATT - All the Gear, All the Time. Take it from someone who has left his share of skin on the pavement - you don't want to. On short trips you're less likely to be focused on safety, but as most accidents occur within a few miles of home it's equally as important here as on the open road. If your riding gear - helmet, jacket, pants, boot and gloves - is a pain or too time consuming to put on, get some that isn't. Several armored one-piece suits are available from Aerostich, Olympia MotoSports, Spidi, Alpinestars, etc., that you can jump into and out of pretty quickly, and it takes just seconds to don a helmet and gloves. And remember, never drink and ride, not even one.