Riding in New Jeresy


Like everyone that lives in northern NJ you must use one of the major highways. Mine is RT 80. I have been riding for sometime but never experienced RT 80 during the rush hours. It was a hot day and figured it would be a great ride. After the ride I have decided that I value my life way more then a couple of gallons of gas. Also, by the looks of it alot of other rides figure the same.

Route 80 in NJ

I used to live in NJ, and recently came back to visit on my bike. I-80 was a mad house, and I realized, like you, that my life was worth more that anything that road had to offer!!

Used to do it all the time when I commuted into Midtown

Now I go down 24 to 78 and throught the Holland instead. 80 wasn't a bad road but the sun coming home could get pretty bad.

As for the other drivers I find the morning commuters much more out of it than night time. In the morning they are drinking their coffee, reading the paper, checking their messages, talking on the phone, and a thousand other things other than paying attenttion to the road.